Presents 1.3

Chests with random contents

  1. Tee7even
    Presents is a plugin to place chests, that players can open and get random items:

    To place a chest type "/placechest", it will be facing to your side.
    To place or remove a chest player must have a permission "presents". :)

    Plugin has three configuration files: config.yml, weights.yml and messages.yml.
    #Cooldown feature doesn't let player open a chest more than once in cooldown-time seconds
    cooldown: true
    cooldown-time: 300
    For now, here's only two options:
    cooldown: enables or diables cooldown feature
    cooldown-time: cooldown time in seconds
    #Here you can write down the weights for items (IDs)
    #The item with higher weight has more chance to be randomly chosen
    #min and max specify how much of the item player can get (chosen randomly)
      weight: 20
      min: 8
      max: 16
      weight: 15
      min: 1
      max: 1
    Here you can add items for chests. Item IDs must be surrounded with quotes.
    weight: item weight, higher weight - higher chance that player gets it
    min: minimal amount of an item that player can get
    max: maximum amount
    The file messages.yml specifies messages that are used by plugin. You can translate them or change formatting.

Recent Updates

  1. Yet another bunch of fixes
  2. Fixes again
  3. A little bug fix

Recent Reviews

  1. victorpk1999
    Version: 1.3
    Nice plugin!
    Now on new nukkit version crash my server when i place the chest.
    Please update this plugin.
  2. PikyCZ
    Version: 1.3
    Super plugin .. If the box was such item would be better ..
  3. Adam1609
    Version: 1.2
    I love this plugin, but please update API please? This plugin doesn't work on nukkit's latest version now
  4. FifT
    Version: 1.1
    I can't wait 0.15.x support!
    please update :D
  5. wasted
    Version: 1.0
    why does erros occurs a lot when using?
    1. Tee7even
      Author's Response
      "why error occurs?" doesn't say too much to me. You can create an issue at GitHub: That will help me.
  6. PocketRealm
    Version: 1.0
    Make crate keys next :p
    1. Tee7even
      Author's Response
      Wouldn't it become completely different solution then? I mean that Presents adds chests that are opened individually, but this proposed feature assumes that all chests can be opened using the same number of "keys", I guess?