PocketVote v1.2.0

Simple, elegant and efficient voting suite.

  1. ProjectInfinity
    PocketVote is a fully featured suite to get you started with automating voting on your MCPE server with both clients for PocketMine and Nukkit!

    The process is simple, you sign up at our website https://pocketvote.io and register a server, in return you get a secret and a identifier that you will need to register with your plugin. To do so simply type:
    /pocketvote secret [your secret]
    /pocketvote identity [your identity]

    Do you need more info or are you a developer that would like to either support PocketVote or expand on it's functionality? Click here for documentation on PocketVote or how to extend it. https://github.com/ProjectInfinity/PocketVote

Recent Reviews

  1. RenRyry
    Version: v1.1.0
    Is it possible to use it on other websites?
    1. ProjectInfinity
      Author's Response
      You can use it on any website that supports PocketVote.
  2. CreeperFace
    Version: v1.1.0
    absolutely awesome! but what about nemisys edition? :D
    1. ProjectInfinity
      Author's Response
      Nemisys is not mature enough to consider supporting. Currently the PocketMine plugin has MySQL support to allow for multiple servers using the same data, this is not complete yet for Nukkit.
  3. linuzo
    Version: v1.0.0
    Works well with stats and all.. Good job!