Experimental FResidence 1.2.0

A powerful residence plugin for nukkit!

  1. FENGberd
    FResidence is a powerful residence plugin, it's usage is similar to Residence plugin for Bukkit.

    It's a mature PocketMine plugin and now available on Nukkit and free to use(For some reason it's not open-source currently,thanks for your understanding).

    I add Experimental prefix because it's not full tested. In short, if you find any bugs please e-mail me or reply in this forum.

    I'm looking for someone who can help me to translate this plugin, if you're interested in this, please decompress the jar file and find lang/eng.ini then finish the translation. You can add your name after # Translator(s): with a comma. After you finish it, please e-mail the ini file to [email protected]. Appreciated.

    If you can read Chinese, you can visit https://pl.zxda.net/plugins/40.html for more information and screenshots.