Experimental AC-Essentials 1.0.0

All of my plugins combined into one

  1. SocialClubz
    How this plugin works: This plugin is all of my other plugins being complied into one plugin.

    Currently Added:
    • Healer
    • Flight
    • ClearInv
    • ClearChat
    • TWControl

    description: Recover your hearts
    permission: social.heal

    description: Recover your hunger
    permission: social.eat

    description: Completly heals all
    permission: social.healer

    description: Takes the fire away
    permission: social.ext

    description: Clear global chat
    permission: social.scc

    description: Clear personal chat
    permission: social.cc

    description: Let you fly around the world
    permission: social.fly

    description: Clears your inventory
    permission: social.ci

    description: Sets the Time
    permission: social.day

    description: Sets the Time
    permission: social.night

    description: Sets the weather
    permission: social.sun

    description: Sets the weather
    permission: social.rain

    Everything below is buggy

    description: Stop the time
    permission: social.stoptime

    description: Start the time
    permission: social.startime

    --------------------{Planned To Add}--------------------

    • Custom Prefix
    • Color Chat
    • More Commands
    • For a bigger list check my other plugins out

    --------------------{Known Bugs}--------------------

    • StopTime and Start time may or may not work

    Please note: If you find any bugs please post them in the discussion area.
    All my plugins are coded and compiled in java 8.

    If you are also a coder who wants to help me fix bugs and or tweak anything let me know what I should change or add.

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